Congrats to Dave Lewis

Wow! A completely out of this world awesome shout out to Dave Lewis! Dave this is such a touching story and a true act of kindness! It is clear that you are the kind of person who is passionate in everything you do, that you treat others with dignity and respect, that you are attentive and are aware of things around you, and that you are as good as your word. These characteristics are the very heart of TPG Culture. We are so proud to have a professional of your caliber on our team!

We are passionate about our lives, our families and work, inspiring others with our sense of urgency, our determination and our focused energy. 


I want to let you know about your day porter Dave Lewis and how he impacted a family and several of our own employees including our CEO and COO.

As you know, we work with Children and teens with many types of issues and conditions. While completing his daily tasks Dave befriended a teen who was having trouble (being bullied) in school. Dave was able to relate and reach out to the teen and promised him if he stayed out of trouble “he would take care of him at the end of his sessions.”  Dave solicited his friends and also from out of pocket went out and made sure he lived up to his word. Dave was able to get the teen a Detroit Pistons jacket,  a leather jacket, an X-Box game and several other items that made the teens and his parents day.  As the teen was leaving and I congratulated him on job well done and he was grinning from ear to ear while wearing his Detroit Pistons jacket. As he continued to walk out the door he was telling my fellow employees in the lobby how “lucky he was and that he got a whole box of stuff.”  

In some cases we can meet with clients and struggle to reach them. But through a simple act of kindness and friendship Dave was able to impact this teen.

In our monthly leadership team meeting as we talked about commitment and the message we as leaders portray to our staff and clients. I had to tell Dave’s story. He not only impresses us with his commitment to keeping our facility clean but also left a positive  impact on our leaders as someone who is dedicated to people too. Dave is very humble, and doesn’t and didn’t look for recognition for what he did but I felt it was story/lesson that needed to be told.

Timothy Demos, Director – Business and Facility Operations
The Chilldren’s Center