Congrats to Dana Cupp

A BIG shout out to Dana Cupp for being committed to do whatever it takes to get the job done right! Dana, not only are you never satisfied with the status quo, you encourage others around you to do the same. This is the ripple effect that TPG wants to embrace. Professionals like YOU are what sets us apart from the competition! Great job Dana!

I have had the honor or working alongside Dana Cupp, and although we have not known each other long, he has made a huge impact on me, the organization, and his employees. Dana is a true asset to this organization and goes the extra mile to deliver excellence. He works side by side with the employees and exudes patience and knowledge, and the employees praise him and are thankful he is their manager. Its so refreshing to hear the admiration and respect in their tone, it has inspired me to take a step back to review my techniques to see what I can adopt from Dana’s example. I truly look up to Dana as a mentor due to his wealth of knowledge and innovative perspective. I am thankful for the opportunity to increase my skill set and to become a better leader by continuing to be challenged by the level of integrity, wisdom, and product knowledge that Dana brings to the table. 


Rickey Welch