Congrats to Dana Cupp, Dion, the CSP Team, Gopher and Colman

A BIG shout out to Dana Cupp, Dion and the CSP Team for showing our customers what our culture is all about! This was a customer who was looking for a change, and you guys totally impressed him by showing him what TPG professionals have to offer! We are also giving a BIG shout out to Gopher for his speedy delivery services and Colman for pulling the stock! Great job team! This is a fabulous example of living Pro Am 6: I follow up. I follow through. Every time.

Joey C “Rollin in the D” received the email below from the property manager at CSP:

I would like to say thank you very much for your efforts so
far. I can already see the difference in the short time you have taken over
this account. I would like to give you a big time compliment for
what you delivered on today! CSP had about a day’s worth of paper products
and it was a fear of mine that we were going to run out.

When Dion shared with me about the low stock, he was two steps ahead of me
and already notified Dana before he approached me, which is great in itself.
When I saw the paper products delivered today, it truly showed Dana’s
dedication for this account and I must say I was very impressed on how fast
he took care of the issue, so again I thank you very much!

I meet with Jeriann this Thursday and will definitely be sharing with her
the great impression Dana has set so far!

Have a great night,

Thank you team for helping yet another customer be more successful at what they do!