Congrats to Dana Cupp

Whoohoo! A monumentally huge shout out to Dana Cupp for all the work he has put in at 7 Mile Crossing! The start up at 7 Mile Crossing has not been a smooth transition, but Dana has showed that he is a true TPG Professional in the way he has worked with the team at 7 Mile Crossing to correct the mistakes that were happening and prevent them from reoccuring in the future! Awesome job Dana! 

Pro-Am 7: I am obsessive about communicating effectively with my clients and with my fellow professionals. 

Want to get a nice shout out to Dana for his work with the team at the McKinley Seven Mile Crossing building.

Dana has done an outstanding job with a very challenging start up at this building. He was able to turn things around with the cleaning crew there and provide better communication with the McKinley property management team too. Jessica Furlong – The Director of Commercial Property told me that Dana has done a great job of keeping PBM engaged at this location through of a very frustrating start up process.

Thank you Dana for living our culture through TPG Pro Am’s #2,3,6,7,8 & 10.

Pat Wilson, Vice President