Congrats to Cobo Center PBS Supervisors

Wow! A awesomely, monumentally huge shout out to our supervisors at Cobo! This is fantastic feedback from Cobo! We are so thankful to have such outstanding professionals over at Cobo Center, demonstrating the difference between the Professional Group and the other guys! Your attention to detail is spot on!! Fantastic job!!

Pro-Am 14: I am aware of things around me that others may not notice.

Doug, for the second day in a row, your team has performed exceptionally well.  Everywhere I turn I see PBS professionals working to keep the building clean.  Throughout the days the aisles and booths were clean of debris, every trash can I passed was near empty and every gondola I saw heading to the trash compactor was full.

Unsolicited, I received the following text from the merchandise sales manager for the DADA: “Claude, I want you to know that the bathrooms are the best we have seen.  Your people are doing a great job.  We get compliments from the public on conditions.  Especially from women with young children.  Keep it up”. I am so very pleased with how things are going now.

Claude Molinari

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