Congrats to Cashel Schildtknecht and her Entire Team

A Fabulous and Phenomenal Shout Out to Cashel Schildtknecht and her Entire Team! Staying late to make sure the job gets done, working as a team to accomplish a difficult task, taking pride in your work and having a good attitude are all actions that truly define Pro-Am 8! Thank you for living our values by having integrity, keeping a “do whatever it takes” attitude and being passionate about what you do each and every day! We are able to be the best in the business because we have Professionals like you! Way to go PRO!


On this busiest weekend of the year when usually all we hear is negative it’s so refreshing to hear positive so I thought I would pass it on so we can get our site manager Cashel and her team at Hagerstown Premium Outlets recognized.

Amazing people we have!!!


Bryan H., Director of Operations


I wanted to take a moment out of this busy weekend to let you know what an amazing account manager you have in Cashel.  She and her team have been nothing short of amazing this entire Black Fri weekend, going above and beyond.  They have kept the property looking great and clearly take pride in what they do.  I have nothing but positive things to say about the entire team.  I stopped by the property about midnight last night to check on things and ran into one of the supervisors, Patricia, pushing a kiddie cruiser through the dark parking lot (lights had been cut back to 50%) that she had found across the property.  She normally would have been gone at 11pm, but she said she just couldn’t leave with the bathrooms still showing signs of the extremely busy day we had.  This entire team has such good attitudes and work ethics.  They clearly respect their leader.  Cash never asks anything of them that she is not willing to do herself.  I overheard a radio conversation on Thanksgiving night between two of the guys discussing assisting each other with a less than pleasant “accident” that they had to clean up and they did it with such great attitudes – offering to help each other graciously.

I had just finished telling Cashel in the back hallway what a great job they are doing this weekend and as I walked back into the office, there was a gentleman that had come all the way to the management office to offer his praise for the janitorial staff.  He stated he was in the upper parking lot just watching the efficiency of some of the crew cleaning the parking lot and wanted to let us know what a great job they were doing.  I couldn’t not have written that script any better to have just been giving Cash and her team praise and walk right in to a customer also providing praise.

You definitely have a keeper with Cashel.  We are fortunate to have her and the rest of her team at Hagerstown Premium Outlets.

Lara H.,  General Manager Hagerstown Premium Outlets