Congrats to Carlisea Hurst

A Stupendous Shout Out to Carlisea Hurst! It is always nice to come in each day and be greeted with a smiling, friendly face! Thank you for doing such an amazing job taking care of our client and doing it with such a great attitude! This shout out is a great example of Our Why! Way to go PRO!


Hi there Charles!

My name is Sarah Ward and I am a team leader here at Quicken Loans on Floor 12 of Chrysler House. I just had to take a moment to prop out your team member, Carlisea Hurst, on behalf of myself and everyone else who gets the pleasure of engaging with her on the floor! She is always smiling, always greeting everyone she comes in contact with, and keeps our floor in tip-top shape. She goes above and beyond to take care of us and our environment.

I was recently made the Floor Coordinator of Floor 12 by making sure the kitchen and bathrooms are kept clean by our Quicken Loan’s team members, and Carlisea has made this role a breeze for me because she is always going out of her way to make sure these settings are clean.

I just want to extend a big thank you from my heart to Carlisea for all she does, and let you know what a blessing it is to have her with us.

Thank you and have a great evening!

Sarah W., Team Leader, Client Relations, Quicken Loans

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