Congrats to Calvin Morris

A mind-blowing, spectacularly huge shout out to Calvin Harris! This is so awesome to hear from our client. We are blown away by your exceptional communication with our client. This type of situation could have very easily led to a complaint and caused many headaches. But by being pro-active and living pro-am 7, you avoided a near crash. We are so lucky to have a pro like you on our team! Keep up the great work!

Pro Am 7: I am obsessive about communicating effectively with my clients and with my fellow professionals.

Good morning Nate/Malcolm:

 I just wanted to share with both of you the conversation below.  I am very appreciative of your evening staff and, in this case, Calvin.  It’s so important that we work together as a team and this information shared by Calvin to Joanne, is indicative of that principle.

Please let Calvin know that his awareness and, most importantly, his desire to respect the activities in our conference room[s] as he and his staff go about their job duties is appreciated.

J.J. – Varnum (Detroit, MI)


“Hi Julia,

Calvin wanted me to know that his staff leaves at 9:00 p.m., and when a conference room (usually the main one) is still occupied after 9:00, they aren’t able to empty the trash or straighten the room. He was concerned that we might see on some mornings that it looked like they hadn’t done their job or overlooked the conference room, but it was only because of attorneys/staff working late, and he and his staff will not enter the conference room and disturb anyone to get the trash. I’m sure that will occur more often in this next month. I told him that shouldn’t be a problem, and any trash can be taken care of in the morning, and that I would inform you of what he said.

J.D. – Varnum (Detroit, MI)”