Congrats to William Washington

An Honorable Shout Out to William Washington! Integrity is one of our core values at TPG and your actions last night show that you are an outstanding example of what it means to work with integrity. Great job being a true professional. Way to go PRO!

TPG Core Value – We have integrity

Here is something I want to share. This email is from the over night client. It makes me very proud and would like to share. 
Jeremy B., DM, LCA


Just wanted to let you know that pro William Washington on post event shift did something good tonight. Around 3am, a fan and military service member that went to the Pistons game earlier that night came back to the arena looking for his wedding ring. The fan told him where he was seated and security checked the cameras in that section to see if it had been picked up. The cameras saw William find the ring as he was sweeping the bowl. William gave his team leader the ring and the ring was given back to the fan before he was to be deployed overseas. William’s awareness , integrity ,honesty and hard work is appreciated.

Kameron T., Olympia Entertainment

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