Utilize Google Hangouts More

If we are going to reduce the number of times Professionals within the administrative office(s) are stopping by each others desks and making phone calls, we should utilize Google Hangouts to promote communication while reducing the volume levels in the office.

Currently the default setting is to “invite” someone to a new conversation if it’s the first time you’ve spoken to them on Google Hangouts. Maybe we can change that setting so that we can easily begin conversations within Google Hangouts to ask our questions and get a quicker response than an email.

Pro-Am #7 – I AM A PRO. I am obsessive about communicating effectively with my clients and with my fellow Professionals.
Pro-Am #17 – I AM A PRO. I am committed to technology and innovation to help us be more successful at what we do.
Pro-Am #18 – I AM A PRO. I respond with a sense of urgency. Every Client. Every Co-Worker. Every Time.

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  1. For those watching this idea and are dying to see me film a Skillo – I’m sorry to disappoint! No Skillo needed for this one… yet.

    The administrator for our Google email accounts will be making the company wide settings switch. I’ve emailed over the information to Moppy.

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