Upgrade The Pitney Bowes (Postage) Machine

Contact Pitney Bowes about switching our current postage machine to one that includes a moistener. This will save a few seconds of time for each piece of mail we send out. If the machine includes a moistener, when you slide the mail through to stamp it, it will also moisten and close the envelope.

A few examples of Pitney Bowes machines that include the moistener include: DM100i, DM125, DM200L and DM225.

3 replies to “Upgrade The Pitney Bowes (Postage) Machine

  1. Post Author Moppy

    Thanks for the idea, Emily! this option was investigated previously, but it may be a good time to do it again. Eva will check on pricing and see if a change makes financial sense.

  2. Update for those watching this idea:

    The moistener add-on has been approved as of 05.11.2018. Paperwork is with Eva for signature, and we can expect to see the moistener soon!

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