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  1. In the spirit of the fall season, college football, and the state of Michigan, we could have a tailgate themed event one afternoon during the week before the Michigan / MSU football game (October, 17th). Everyone can dress up to support their favorite Michigan college (doesn’t have to just be UM and MSU) and we can play tailgating games (corn hole, beer pong, flip cup, etc), have a potluck, and spend time together as a TPG family.

    For a location, we could inquire about renting out a space for a few hours in one of the larger restaurants downtown or we could reserve space out on belle isle for the afternoon. Belle isle (or some outdoor space) would probably work best so that we could grill out and play outdoor tailgating games.

    1. To add to Jack’s idea, how about a dunk tank, we can put various Sparty’s up on the ledge(after all the game is in Ann Arbor this year), we can throw balls at the switch to dunk them in the tank. We could do a charity collection, say $1 for 3 balls this would let us have fun and raise some money for charity at the same time.


    We could try a “Wine and Canvas” Party.

    We pick a picture from some choices provided by the expert, and they teach us to paint it. The party can be in our office or at a local Detroit Bar that the Wine/Canvas company has worked with before. I like the idea of in our office for ultimate convenience and may help with participation. Check out the web site I posted above.

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