As our efforts to create and implement documented processes/procedures have began to get better, I feel that we could get much better at rolling out the new processes/procedures. Processes/procedures are a great tool but if they are not conveyed to the team and saved to a shared drive for reference, they do the team no good. I suggest that we send an email notification of the new process/procedure to the applicable Professionals with a link to the new process/procedure and also where to find it in the shared drive.


  1. This is brilliant Sheila – I completely agree. If something affects a large group too, I don’t think it would hurt to call it out at the weekly huddle. There should be a central place for all documented processes and the relevant data/files.

    1. Post Author Sheilalynne Bono

      Sure, I will send an example of what we could use as a template for documenting processes. If it is approved, we could roll out the sample doc and maybe begin assigning processes to be documented to Pros with deadlines; maybe one per quarter.

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