Prevent Attrition Based Market-share Shrinkage

On some products that we source through our direct competition rather than a manufacturer, their boxes regularly leave our warehouse with the following message printed on them: “reorder from COMPETITION, call (COMPETITION’S phone #)”. This is either on the box itself or on a label. We should do one of two things in order to prevent product-line shrinkage and awkwardness.
1. Print our own label that says “reorder from COLMAN-WOLF <product# phone# etc.>” AND affix it to the box so it completely obscures the competitor’s label/message.
2. Repackage these materials into a generic box with the normal labeling.

I think it would be feasible due to the fact that the majority of our items do not carry a competitor’s message (for free!) into the marketplace. If they aren’t advertising for us, (for free!) then we shouldn’t advertise for them.

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