We Need To Standardize Our Account Names

Every list should have the Account Name listed the same way. I am seeing a different name for my accounts on different list. Example 400300340 is listed on my Account List from my DO as SJ-Grosse Pointe Ralph Wilson, on my Novatime it’s listed as SJ-Ralph C. Wilson and on my Order Pad on Coleman it’s listed as St. John’s Medical Center. I have more examples.

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  1. Ashley Sellers

    I agree. This is a major issue that needs to be addressed. The CA team has been working on getting job names cleaned up in our accounting software (JDE) and in Novatime. I definitely think everyone should be on the same page with naming things consistently so we’re all better able to find information. I think that the list that the operations team maintains and what is in Colman’s system should match the job names in our accounting system.

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