Name That Printer!

It is time to spice things up a bit and give our printers fun, new names!  We believe that simple is always better, and as you all know, right now these printer names are not simple.  We are going to need your help finding the perfect names for each printer.  Below is a list of wireless printers that we have in our office and their locations,  Please submit your ideas for printer names as a comment under this holy shit idea.Name that printer portal

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  1. Debbie Thorsell

    Large Printer/Admin area BOLT
    Small Printer/Admin Area SLICK
    3 Small Printers/ Payroll LIGHTNING
    Large Printer/HR SLIDER
    Large Printer/Main Copy Rm BLINKY
    Small Printer/Copy Rm Desk FLASH
    Small Printer/Natalie D’s Desk SNAPPY
    Submitted by Debbie Thorsell 4/1/15

  2. Sharon Stephens

    Large Printer/Admin area Bladey’s cutting image.
    Small Printer/Admin Area Shovely’s digging composition.
    3 Small Printers/ Payroll Spongy’s clean pages.
    Large Printer/HR Sudsy’s dry text.
    Large Printer/Main Copy Rm to Dave’s idea Moppy’s Mailroom Monster.
    Small Printer/Copy Rm Desk Rolly’s Spinning Mess.
    Small Printer/Natalie D’s Desk Trucky’s Trash Creator.

  3. Natalie Drouillard

    My suggestions are not as fun as the others, but I think they will be easy to remember.

    Main Large Printer/Copier/Scanner – Main
    Small Printer on Copy Room Counter – Admin #1
    Small Printer in Admin Area – Admin #2
    HR Large Printer/Copier/Scanner – HR
    Payroll 3 Small Printers – Payroll #1, Payroll #2, Payroll #3
    Large Printer/Copier Scanner PGS Area – PGS
    Small Printer on Natalie D’s Desk – Exec

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