Inventory – Warehouse

A few ideas to help make inventory run smoother:

1) Pick an isle a month to organize, clean and label
— When I say label, I think that we should label the product numbers that are in each bin (laminated with Velcro on the back to easily move if needed) so that it is easier to see what items are in each location.
2) Create an isle that is specifically for old inventory so we can go through what is still sellable and create a ‘clearance’ page on our website for those items with photos and quantities that are in stock or allow our fellow professionals to purchase at a discounted price
3) Have all items that are like items in the same isle and then an over flow isle that will be listed on the products label
4) Organize the special / non-stock area by product line, vendor, or alphabetically by part number so that we can easily find what item we are looking for

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