Having Shared Calendars

Have shared group Google calendars so that everyone can be on the same page when scheduling meetings, covering for employee time off or keeping track of tasks and deadlines. This would save time and eliminate time spent going back and forth trying to schedule these and could be a procedure that creates better efficiency.

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  1. YES! Even the ability to look at other people’s calendars will help with scheduling meetings! Right now, some people have their calendars completely hidden, and most have their default settings as keeping all the info private.

    At my old job, we had a calendar for each of our conference rooms so that people could schedule time directly on there so we all could see when each of the conference rooms were being used or if they were available. Additionally, we had one “all-company” calendar that anyone could add/edit on where we would put our out of office times (vacations/scheduled time off/late start/leave early), as well as any all-company events (think birthday cake/fridge cleaning/weekly huddle, etc.).

    Love this idea Sheila!

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