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We should make better use of the google suite. Instead of having all of our documents saved on company servers (PGS, PBS/PBM, CWS) we should create team drives and house our documents accordingly. For example, PGS maintains several spreadsheets that we use in our day-to-day operations. Examples include: the installment spreadsheet for billing/AP, sales & ops for tracking jobs and contact information, proposal tracking, etc. If we had these documents in google sheets (as opposed to excel saved on the server) we could assign access and track all changes that would be visible to everyone that needs it. This would help eliminate potential communication issues.

Another example is our TPG phone list. If we had this as a google sheet, Moppy wouldn’t need to email out a copy of it every time it was updated. It would just be available to everyone in google sheets.

As I’m sure many of us are very familiar with excel and the other Microsoft office programs, we should set up some training for each team to get familiar with how the google suite programs work and on how we can use them to improve our processes and how we communicate with each other.

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