Going Paperless

I recommended this in the previous company I worked for and it was actually implemented. I think we should look into document imaging, so that everything that comes into the office would be scanned and everyone would have access to it or the items needed for them. The documents would be placed accordingly to a folder for the department it needs to. Then if we need someone else to look at it we can email them and let them know what folder it is in or have folders created for those that hand paper back and forth so they know where to look at the work in question. Work items that might get scanned to a wrong department could be easily moved to the correct folder. That way we can use less paper on our work and take a step towards being Earth friendly, as well as being pushed into a more tech savvy environment. I like to recycle as much as I can, but it’s even better if we don’t even need to recycle at all.

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