Ergonomic Alternatives To Sitting All Day.

Many of us spend 6+ hours a day sitting. Being sedentary for this prolonged amount for time every day can lead to a slew of health problems, such as, Heart disease, decreased insulin production, digestion problems, back and shoulder strains
Having an alternative such as a height adjustable standing desk mount, Stability-Ball chairs, seated steppers or elliptical, would not only help keep us healthy but also pain free.
Pro AM 17 I am committed to technology and innovation to help us be more successful at what we do.
Although this Idea is not “technology” related it is an innovative way of thinking. With healthier, happier Pro’s we will be able to do our jobs better and more efficiently.

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  1. Good idea April. Ian posted a while back about getting standing desks or converter tables so we can stand part of the day. I believe he put together cost comparisons and submitted it. Not sure where it left off but I am 100% on board with this. Standing work spaces helped me maintain higher levels of energy throughout the day. It would be awesome if we could get these in our office.

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