Contract Renewal Incentive

Provide an incentive for customers to return signed renewals by February 28th. If they return them before this date they will receive $150.00 towards a landscape upgrade or could go towards their snow contract.
$200.00 towards an upgrade for a Two year contract.
$300.00 towards an upgrade for a Three year contract.

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  1. Great idea! This would definitely help things flow better in the office. One of the biggest challenges we face moving from the snow season to lawn maintenance (or vice versa) is the fact that everything happens at once. If our customers sign renewals or get us approvals early in the season, that allows our office staff to be proactive about setting up the accounting side of things. Also, it would benefit our sales and operations teams and the struggles they face when scheduling (whether it’s in-house work or finding service providers to take on a job that was approved late). I think this is a great way to level out the workload that ensues during season changeover.

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