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A conference phone in the two conference rooms in the Roseville office could be really useful. If we ever have to call someone from outside of the office, someone typically will call on their cellphone and put the phone on speaker. This can make it difficult for the group to hear the person(s) on the line, and vice-versa.

By having a conference phone, the entire room and remote professionals will be able to clearly hear each other.

Polycom has some good conference phones we could choose from:

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  1. Great idea Em! I believe we had these at our old office at the Chrysler House. Very helpful when it comes to group meetings. The sound quality is not great when we have to call on our cell phones.

  2. Totally agree.
    We are working on it. We got one from Rocket Fiber and it did not work. Unfortunately it has been lower on the priority level for Bryant to get with Rocket Fiber to figure out the issue.

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