Add Pesticide Notice To Our PGS Contracts

Currently when we have a contract for service that includes “Fertilizer & Weed Control” for the upcoming Maintenance season, we have to send an email to our contact explaining that we will be using pesticides at their location(s). My understanding is that this is for legality reasons – and we can get fined (not sure by who) if we use pesticides and don’t send this notice.

By adding this notice to our current contracts/bid forms – when the client signs the contract approving service, it also shows that they received the pesticide notice. Even if their specific contract doesn’t have “Fertilizer & Weed Control” as a service, it covers us just in case.

Not only are we supplying the pesticide notice in a timely manner and receiving a signed copy (full contract) in return, it will also reduce possible errors in case the CA team forgets to email. Finally, it would save a small amount of time from actually checking to see if we provide “Fertilizer & Weed Control”, see if we’ve already sent the notice, and actually sending the email notice.

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