Click Safety

As part of The Professional Group (TPG) corporate culture, the company is firmly committed to our Professional’s safety.  The Managements commitment and the Professionals participation ensure that safety is integrated into TPG’s daily business operations.

True safety starts at the top of the organization, but it is essential that all of our Professionals are committed to being safe in everything you do.  We need your help to achieve total prevention of all injuries and to promote a culture of saftey within TPG.

TPG uses ClickSafety as our safety training program.  This training program has been specifically  customized to your specific job training needs to ensure it meets our company’s exact requirements.  The classes are short and easy to follow.  You will have a quick review and quiz at the end of each class to ensure your understanding of the material presented.

We believe safety is the responsibility of every team member.  TPG prides itself on delivering the very best safety training to our Professionals.

To get started, please choose from the list of options below:

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